This motorized, handheld camera stabilizer will revolutionize action cinematography.

Lightweight, Easy-to-Use

At 1.5lbs, with a GoPro attached, the STABiLGO design minimizes weight making it ideal for active cinematography. We developed the unit to be light, simple to set up and easy to use.
Setup in 3 Simple Steps
1. Attach camera and balance the gimbal
2. Connect the supplied battery
3. Shoot

Compatible and Complete

We are cinematographers first and want to make a product we would buy. STABiLGO works seamlessly with your gear and comes complete. A battery and charger are included. All the mounts are standard so the unit will quickly attach. Put the STABiLGO on a monopod or tripod for an instant auto-leveling portable crane.

32-bit Processor, Gyro Controlled

Lightning fast response time is achieved with a 32-bit high-speed processor and state of the art gyroscopic sensor working in tandem to keep the camera perfectly horizontal and vertical. STABiLGO allows for 180 degrees of pitch movement and 270 degrees of roll movement.

Support Us On Kickstarter

Check us out on Kickstarter and join the action. Whether you want to be a beta tester, get one of the first production models or just help us out with a small donation, Kickstarter is the place to make it happen! At this point, our goal is to introduce it to the community to see how far we can take it. We hope that you will join us in making STABiLGO a reality.